14 Grippy Socks For a Slip-Free Workout

Going barefoot in Pilates, yoga, or barre might seem like it could help you keep your footing, but in actuality, it's often not a great idea. Foregoing socks during these workouts could result in a nasty slip and fall or serious injury. Not to mention the germ aspect of it all. Just as you would invest in a durable yoga mat or a supportive sports bra, you should also invest in high-performance grip socks. We like these 14 options, all of which are affordable and comfortable.

While it may seem super obvious, grip socks really do help with, well, your grip! They allow your feet to get a sturdier hold on equipment while also improving your stability and balance. Plus, in more and more studios, grip socks are actually required to participate in class, so if you don't want to get caught off guard in uncomfortable or even rental socks, do yourself a favor and invest in a quality pair of grippy socks. In workouts where balance is a focus, getting traction and using grippy socks can make all the difference. Keep reading to shop our top picks.

- Additional reporting by India Yaffe

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