I Tried the TikTok-Viral Scrunchie That Promises To Preserve Your Blowout for Days

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I am unequivocally not a morning person. I will never wake up hours before I need to be somewhere to wash and blow out my hair. What I will do is stay up late preparing for the next day. But that means my hair usually looks great before bed but rough in the morning. Enter Sleepy Tie, possibly the answer to all my problems. The funny-looking scrunchie promises to preserve your blowout for as long as you use it. You know I had to try it.

“Blowout obsessed” Rachael Shtifter invented Sleepy Tie in 2020 after being frustrated with how her style was destroyed when she went to sleep. Like me, she tried everything to preserve her style. I used a regular silk scrunchie on the top of my head for a while but still had constant creases. I know how to use hair ties to keep my strands from breaking but couldn’t figure out a way to keep the wave and bounce in my hair. Shtifter did.

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Sleepy Tie.

Here’s how it works. Once you have a bouncy blowout, either from a salon or DIY job, brush your hair out. Then, pull it all onto the top of your head and loop the Sleepy Tie through. Here’s where things get complicated. You have to wrap your hair — the pony — around the scrunchie tightly, making sure all the ends are tucked in nicely. Finally, you grab the stretchy pink part and wrap it in a figure out around the bun. Confused? I was, too but I tried it on TikTok. The results? Impressive.

Tbh, I wrapped my hair incorrectly the first few times. It takes some getting used to but I’m already getting better. It helps to watch Shtifter’s routine.

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Sleepy Tie works best on hair that’s 1-2 inches below your shoulders so my hair is just about long enough. It works on all hair textures but if you have especially fine hair, I’d go for the Mini Sleepy Tie to get a tighter fit. What it isn’t? Heatless curls. You really need to have a blowout before using it.

So far, Sleepy Tie is a game-changer in my routine. I no longer dread waking up and seeing how much I squished my Dyson Airwrap curls. I’m actually using less heat on my hair now that I don’t have to re-curl my hair daily. And luckily, ’90s supermodel-style bombshell waves aren’t going anywhere.

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