Stay Cozy This Fall With 13 Jackets and Vests From Lululemon

We're taking everything outside these days, including our workouts, which means that we've got a need for quality workout outerwear. There's a fine line between being too cold and being too bundled up where you're starting to sweat from heat, not from your workout. We want to find that in between balance, so we turn to Lululemon. These 12 jackets and vests were made to move with you, and keep you warm and comfortable. As temperatures start to cool down, or the threat of seasonal rainstorms becomes too pertinent to ignore, you'll be so glad you took one of these outwerwear pieces with you on your next workout.

Whether you need a super insulated puffer jacket or a lightweight vest that can act as a perfect layering piece, you can find it at Lululemon. Everything is comfortable, breathable, and moisture-wicking; what more could you ask for? We're particularly eyeing a lightweight anorak that will keep us protected from the rain and wind, as well as a jacket made from buttery soft Nulu, the same fabric the brand uses to make its beloved Align leggings. Keep on reading to shop our picks.

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