Jennifer Aniston Swears By This $68 Brush—But We Found a Similar One That’s Just $9 on Amazon

If we could wake up each morning and have any celeb’s hair, it’d be Jennifer Aniston’s. She sets trends like no other; both the “Rachel Haircut” and “Modern Rachel Haircut” are iconic. And now, she’s even founded her own haircare brand, LolaVie. Though discovering which products she uses from her own brand is a total breeze, it’s not as easy to pinpoint the hair tools, such as brushes, that help her achieve her voluminous, shiny strands.

In October 2021, Jen posted a video on Instagram that shows exactly how she does her hair. Per usual, we put on our FBI hats and tracked down the two brushes shown in the tutorial. The first one, Wet Brush’s Brush Pro Flex Dry, was easy to find because of its unique shape and colors. The second one was a bit trickier, but after some digging, we finally found it. 

Jen An uses the rose gold S-Heart-S Scalp Brush. WTF is a scalp brush you might be wondering? Well, it does way more than your average brush. It features a massaging bead at the tip of each bristle that gets rid of residue and flakes, improves the effectiveness of your shampoo and promotes microcirculation to spread shampoo evenly. Of course, it also combs through knots with ease. The bristles are so relaxing, it’ll feel like you’re getting a head massage at the sink of a salon.

S-Heart-S Scalp Brush Amazon

Photo: S-Heart-S.

The catch? It’ll cost you two to three Uber Eats deliveries (a.k.a. $68) to get your hands on one. For those not feeling its nearly $70 price tag, we searched for an alternative that works just as well but costs a fraction of the price. In fact, our discovery is on sale right now for just $9, so “pivot” your focus onto this bad boy and enjoy your new fave hair brush.

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Ikemoto Seduce Hair Care Brush Amazon

Photo: Ikemoto.

Ikemoto’s Seduce Hair Care Brush is made in Japan and is great for massaging your scalp and gently detangling your hair. Like the S-Heart-S brush, its bristles also have tiny beads at the end. Though not metallic rose gold, the bright blue color is still super cute and hard to misplace.

Don’t believe the two brushes are that similar? The Ikemoto one flaunts a 4.6-star overall rating on Amazon, with some shoppers directly comparing the two.

“This Ikemoto brush is just as good, or as ‘normal’, as the S-Heart Scalp Brush,” wrote one reviewer. “Aside from the pretty and shiny rose-gold finish of the S-Heart Scalp Brush, I don’t feel or notice any other measurable difference. In other words, I can’t justify the cost of the very expensive S-Heart Scalp Brush when this IKEMOTO brush is so incredibly similar and works just as well on long, straight hair.”

Another shopper speaks more to the brush’s durability and how it feels on your scalp.

“This is hands down the best hair brush. It sounds dramatic but it is a fact. I got my first one in Japan. I’ve been using these brushes for literally 28 years,” wrote another reviewer. “It will last you a lifetime. It gets rid of any tangles you have with ease and without any pain. The bristles are firm but also soft and feel like a scalp massage when you run it through your hair. I’ve never had a single bristle fall out of my brushes and I use them twice daily.”

In other words, Ikemoto’s Seduce Hair Care Brush does an A+ job at massaging your scalp and detangling your hair, but it’ll also last you for ages—maybe even 28 years!

Whether you splurge on the Jennifer Aniston-loved S-Heart-S Scalp Brush or go for the more budget-friendly option from Ikemoto, your hair is about to look so gorgeous. Shop Ikemoto’s Seduce Hair Care Brush for just $9 on Amazon and you’ll soon have hair just like Rachel’s.

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