"Euphoria" Halloween Nail Ideas You Didn't Know You Needed

  • "Euphoria" is loaded with beauty inspiration that makes for great Halloween costumes.
  • One unexpected finishing touch to any "Euphoria" costume is nail art.
  • These nail ideas will help you channel your favorite characters.

So much has happened since the premiere of "Euphoria" first aired back in 2019. Immediately after its inaugural season, people couldn't stop talking about the bold and fantastical beauty looks worn by each of the characters. Then came season two, and the hair and makeup got even bolder (or, as some would argue, slightly more unrealistic). Whichever way you look at it, one thing's for sure: "Euphoria" characters make some damn good Halloween inspiration.

If you're planning your outfit from head to toe ahead of spooky season and considering re-creating the many winged-eyeliner looks from the show or stepping out in Cassie's heatless hair tool, don't forget the finishing touch: your nails. In fact, there's nothing like a "Euphoria" manicure that will pull together your entire look quite as much, whether you're planning to dress up as Maddy, Jules, Rue, Cassie, or Kat.

Ahead, keep scrolling to find out which nail art will help you channel your favorite characters this euphoric Halloween season - plus the inspiration photos that will help get you there.

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