15 Fantastical Tim Burton Makeup Tutorials You Need For Halloween

  • This Halloween season, try your hand at a Tim Burton makeup tutorial.
  • From "Corpse Bride" to "The Nightmare Before Christmas," Burton's films are memorable for their whimsy and gloom.
  • From Sally makeup ideas to Jack Skellington makeup, these will turn heads.

From Edward Scissorhands's exaggerated sad-eye makeup and his characteristic hand blades to Winona Ryder's iconic spiked bangs and messy updo in "Beetlejuice," Tim Burton's timeless movies have been outstanding Halloween beauty inspiration for decades. His films' magical, creepy, and endearing characters are synonymous with misunderstood yet well-meaning social outcasts - and all feature Burton's signature Gothic flair and unique facial features.

Though many of his titular characters have a few stylistic and narrative similarities - namely in their often large, expressive eyes and underdog status - there is much Halloween inspiration to draw from in the beauty realm when it comes to Burton's films. "Corpse Bride" provides a macabre twist to traditional wedding costumes, while re-creating Sally's makeup and wardrobe from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is an opportunity to be more colorful and expressive, given her multitoned dress and bright red hair. If you're looking for something even more out of the box, there is no shortage of outlandish characters to choose from in Burton's adaptation of "Alice in Wonderland."

If you're at a loss as to how to re-create some of Burton's makeup looks, no need to panic. We've put together 15 incredible Halloween makeup tutorials that span the gamut of Burton's filmography and make the best guide for how to approach the classic looks of his most famous characters. So, as you binge-watch Burton's films this October, make sure to add time to your schedule to view these tutorials to transform yourself into your favorite movie's iconic lead.

- Additional reporting by Sarah Siegel

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