13 Cat Makeup Tutorials to Spruce Up Your Halloween Costume

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it's time to start thinking about costumes. Although we always plan for elaborate outfits, it seems that almost every year, we wait until the very last minute to purchase a Halloween costume and end up running to Party City to find the very last pair of cat ears. While there's nothing wrong with being a four-legged friend for Halloween, you can make your costume a little bit more original by adding in some cat makeup to finish off your look.

We've rounded up some incredible feline makeup tutorials, so you can dress up those ears and transform into the kitty of your dreams. We have options for every cat Halloween makeup look you can imagine. Whether you're looking for cute cat makeup, black-cat makeup, or just cat-whiskers makeup, we've got you covered. Add some spots with some gold eyeliner to become a leopard, or pile on the pink and purple eye shadow to become the Cheshire Cat. Ahead, you'll get some amazing makeup inspiration to take your costume to new Halloween heights.

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