This Beginner-Friendly, 15-Minute Towel Sculpt Class Hits Your Core From Every Angle

Join personal trainer Rachel McClusky for a 15-minute sculpt class that will work your whole body - and all you need to get started is a towel! This low-impact routine starts with standing core and arm circuits. (To get the most out of those arm moves, keep the tension on the towel!) You'll gradually build up the intensity with lateral lunges, oblique crunches, planks to knee drives, and more. Prepare to challenge your balance and engage your core throughout the entire workout.

To make the most of these towel moves, do this workout on a hard, smooth floor. If you're on a carpet, you can swap your towel for a slider during exercises where the towel is supposed to slide across the floor.

McClusky's outfit: Vuori

Shoes: APL

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