Low-Carb Popcorn Exists, and These 5 Yummy Options Are Available Right Now

When we think of yummy salty snacks, popcorn is at the top of our favorites list. It's so addictive and a generally healthy snacking option that still feels indulgent. It's delicious on its own, but also tastes so great with everything from chili salt to M&M's. If you're trying to follow a low-carb eating plan, we've got you covered with these five delicious options.

We're snacking on flavors that are blank canvases for different kinds of salts and toppings, as well as a cheddar variety we can't wait to dive in to. You can create zesty popcorns by adding spices like cayenne pepper, truffle salt, nutritional yeast, or garlic powder. If you'd rather something sweet, pair it with a bit of caramel or chocolate! Plus, if you want to mix it with some nuts or pretzels to make your own kind of trail mix, that's available to you as well. Whatever flavor you choose, there's no better time to get your snack on. Now, when's our next movie night?

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