I Tried a '90s Updo With Tips From J Lo's Hairstylist

  • Retro hair trends are having a resurgence on red carpets and TikTok.
  • Jennifer Lopez's hairstylist Chris Appleton recently shared a '90s wet updo tutorial on the app.
  • To try the style for yourself, all you need is a hair tie, mousse, and claw clip.

It's no secret that the '90s and the '00s are making a comeback, especially when it comes to beauty looks. Olivia Rodrigo recently wore a throwback hairstyle to the MTV Video Awards, and the '90s-inspired "supermodel nail" has been all over my Pinterest and Instagram feeds lately. I've been itching to hop on the retro beauty bandwagon, so for the last few weeks I've been keeping my eyes peeled for '90s-inspired hairstyles worth trying. When I stumbled across a video where J. Lo's hairstylist, Chris Appleton, was marrying two of my favorite hairstyles into one stunning wet look '90s updo, I knew I wanted to recreate it on myself.


5 min wet look up do

♬ About Damn Time - Lizzo

To try this style out for myself, I first grabbed a hair tie, comb, boar bristle brush, and the Color Wow Pop and Lock ($20). I started by prepping my dry hair with the Pop and Lock, coating it from roots to ends. I then divided my hair down the middle to give myself a middle part. Next, I brushed it all back into a low slicked back ponytail using the boar brush to make sure my hair was sleek and smooth, but I made sure to keep the middle part at the first half-inch of my head.

I have curtain bangs, so I had to use a little extra product to get my hair to stay in a slicked-back ponytail, but even though my bangs are on the shorter side, I didn't need to add in any bobby pins or hair clips. (If you have bangs, just know it might take a little extra work to get your look in place, but you shouldn't need anything extra to do so.)

From there, I used the pick comb to separate two pieces from the front of my middle part and pulled them out of the ponytail. I coated them with the Color Wow Dream Filter to make sure they would stay in place on either side of my face. From there, I twisted the remainder of my ponytail upward and secured it with a claw clip. To make sure I got the full '90s look, I left a few stray pieces out to accent the hairstyle for the full '90s effect.

Securing my hair in a ponytail prior to putting it up in a claw-clip made it so the clip stayed in place all day, and I didn't have any issues with it falling out or needing to redo my hair even once. Although it was comfortable to wear, I have to admit that I didn't love the face-framing tendrils rubbing on my face all day while I was trying to work, so I eventually tucked the little strands back.

Luckily the style was still just as cute, but I'll likely save this look for the next time I go out with girlfriends or on date night versus work. After all, retro hair trends are better for making a statement than sitting at home in front of my computer screen anyway.

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