9 Protective Face Masks Perfect For People With Sensitive Skin

As someone with sensitive skin, I know how discerning I have to be with every product that touches my face, which now extends beyond skin care and into protective face masks. If a mask is the wrong material or doesn't fit properly, I'll be left with redness and irritation, which nobody wants. If you are like me and want to find the right mask for your sensitive complexion, look no further than these quality picks.

We talked to celebrity aesthetician Natalie Aguilar to find these nine great options for sensitive skin. "In terms of fabric types, for sensitive or easily irritated skin, I recommend 100 percent cotton or silk masks. Silk is cooling, naturally hypoallergenic, and tends to absorb less moisture than most materials, so it won't dry out your skin or cause further irritation. Cotton is also breathable, lightweight, and won't cause any irritation," she said. Plus, we like disposable KN95 masks that are both protective and easy on the complexion. So if you are looking for options that won't cause irritation or want to add a great base layer to your double mask, these nine pass the test.

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