8 Ultracomfortable Leggings to Wear to Yoga or Just Because

The days of wearing your workout attire only to sweat are long gone. Today, we're all about clothes that can be worn to the gym, to the grocery store, and, yes, to also take Zoom calls in - outfits that basically guarantee all-day comfort. Yoga leggings definitely fall into that category. Whether you're actually wearing them to your next yoga class or are looking for some comfortable options to wear around the house, there are so many yoga leggings out there that are high-waisted, buttery soft, non-see-through, great at hiding cellulite, moisture-wicking, and breathable, and some that even have a pocket to hold your cell phone or keys. Basically, there's a yoga legging for every activity you have in mind, from core power to vinyasa to binge-watching Netflix on your living room couch.

We searched the internet to find some particularly formfitting yet stretchy options that will enable all your movements, from Downward Dog to Warrior Pose to sprawled out on the sofa. Get ready to step up your yoga game and everyday closet, because these yoga pants are a fit for everything you're looking for - we even have an option in here for expecting moms. Keep reading to check them out for yourself.

- Additional reporting by Shelcy Joseph

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