14 Fragrance-Free Hair Products That Deserve Your Attention

Like so many young people, during the pandemic I moved in with my parents. After me not living with them for a long while, there were some things we all had to get used to. Of all the little quirks I was prepared for, I was not prepared for the fact that my parents would hate the way my shampoo smelled. I tried a couple of different brands, but they still had the same complaint, so I started looking for fragrance-free options. Two years later, and I haven't looked back. I'm still militant about fragrance-free hair products, and as someone who has also previously had scalp irritation, I've found it's actually helped my sensitive skin.

These 14 hair products are all fragrance-free. Many people find synthetic fragrances to be too abrasive for their skin and hair, plus some people (like my parents) just find overly fragranced products offensive to their senses. Whatever your preference may be, we found products you'll love. Keep on reading to shop our picks.

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