What to Know Before Getting a Septum Piercing - According to a Pro

Like with tattoos, when it comes to getting piercings, choosing an area of your body where you want your jewelry to live is only half the battle. There are several areas on the ears - conch, rook, tragus, to name a few - that make great real estate for new bling, but if you're looking for something a little more unique (but not completely uncommon), you can opt for a nose piercing, or a septum piercing to be more specific.

Septum piercings aren't new by any means, but when it comes to their overall look, they differ quite greatly from the standard nose piercings that typically sit on either nostril. While these piercings are wildly popular for how effortlessly cool they look, there are still a few details worth knowing about them beforehand should you decide to book an appointment to get one.

Ahead, we spoke to a professional piercer to get the lowdown on everything you should know before getting a septum piercing.

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