The 11 Best Low-Carb Cereals For Breakfast, According To Dietitians

Low-carb cereals are out there (we've got 11 dietitian-approved picks ahead), but they're tricky to find, because cereal is made from grains, which are carbs by definition. That doesn't mean you can't make smart, relatively low-carb choices, or that cereals, especially those with whole grains, can't fit into your balanced eating plan. "Whole grains are part of a healthy diet," said registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator Ana Hill, LD. "They provide fiber, vitamins, and minerals."

The key is to make sure your cereal gives you more than just carbs. Macronutrients like protein and fiber are key for a balanced breakfast that'll keep you satisfied for the whole morning. You probably won't find healthy cereals with five grams of carbs, but that's OK; if the carbs you're having are satisfying, healthy, tasty, and helping you consume other important nutrients, then it's a win. Check out these healthy picks to get you started, all recommended by registered dietitians.

- Additional reporting by India Yaffe

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