Emily Ratajkowski Makes a Case For Bangs in Summer

Image Source: Getty / Gotham

Emily Ratajkowski is switching up her hair for the summer. The model and author is one of the numerous celebrities attending this year's Cannes Film Festival, and she's heating up the red carpet with her new wispy-bangs haircut.

Ratajkowski, who can typically be seen in a middle part and subtle curtain bangs, rarely switches up her signature hairstyle, so while we're not sure if the new look is permanent or just a few well-placed extensions, she looks fantastic regardless. Bangs are one of the most versatile haircuts because you can tailor the type you get based on your personal preferences. From baby bangs to swoop bangs or even layered bangs, the possibilities really are endless.

If Ratajkowski's new haircut inspires you to get your own version of the style, keep in mind: always try to go to a professional for a haircut instead of doing them at home. Ratajkowski herself went to celebrity hairstylist Jennifer Yepez, who also styled Bella Hadid's sleek updo and Eva Longoria Baston's extra-long ponytail for the festival.

Take a closer look at Ratajkowski's bangs hairstyle ahead.

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